Marte Meo Frankfurt: the step-by-step-programme for social and emotional development


These sites give you a short introduction of Marte Meo and of my offer for courses and training groups. If you are interested in this method for developmental support, please load down for more information the English translation of my website.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a presentation of the Marte Meo method, in councelling or in a training group.

Kind regards, Alice Kriesten

My name is Alice Kriesten

I am a Diplom-Soziologin (graduate sociologist), Diplom-Sozialpädagogin (graduate pedagogue), Marte Meo® Colleague Trainer and Marte Meo® Supervisor.

I became acquainted with Marte Meo® in 2007, and I was instantly enthusiastic about the efficiency of this method. I am fascinated by the fact that Marte Meo® seems to be very simple at first glance, but at the same time shows great depth and sustainability.

With its appreciation for all people, confidence in their unlimited developmental opportunities and desire to support them in developing their full potential I have been won over by this method.

I would be happy to personally inform you about training courses and individual application possibilities. Please don’t hesitate tro contact me.

Videoassisted development support

The term Marte Meo® derives from a Latin term and means „on one’s own strength“. It describes a method to assist developmental processes and activate own capacities.

Marte Meo® was developed by Maria Aarts from the Netherlands in the 1970s and since then has become prevalent in different areas of pedagogic, social, nursing and therapeutic work all over the world.

Marte Meo can be applied everywhere

… in personal as well as in professional life, where people interact and wish to improve it. At the beginning of a child’s life the development of selfconfidence, empathy, abilities relating to playing, school readiness and cooperation is central. Parents and professional pedagogues are able to intensify their contact with children or among children by means of Marte Meo®. They can learn how to follow the children into their own world as well as how to positively lead them and create a balance between both of them.

For the twilight years Marte Meo® aims to preserve existing skills of aged and potentially ill people as long as possible. Relatives and professional caregivers learn how to assist people in need of care so that their life and living together becomes more

Easy to implent in everydays life

Marte Meo®’s philosophy is based upon great respect for people we are dealing with. It’s Marte Meo®’s objective to impart knowledge and methodology in a way that they can be easily implemented in everyday life.

Marte Meo® is not to be understood as another task or duty that has to be accomplished. It wants to encourage people to use their own strength and capabilities and help them to solve their problems independently. As a result of swift changes caused by Marte Meo® methods people may experience themselves and what they do as highly efficient and proficient, bringing even more joy to their work and life.


Marte Meo®’s fundamental tools are video recordings of everyday situations. A detailed analysis identifies the good moments and existing skills of the people involved. It also determines which capacities may be further developed.
The power of images facilitates sustainable insights: new ways of interaction may be acquired and new self-perception may be established. The person opposite is perceived more intensely, mutual understanding and affection may grow.

Marte Meo® is solution-focused instead of problem-focused: the motto is „activating developmental processes instead of
compensating problems“. Clients may so develop their capabilities and experience themselves as competent when dealing with others.